Flexible, focused, personalized service.

You want your top recruits to love your company and their new home city. At CityMatch this is our sole focus. CityMatch is a team of guides, advisors, and empathetic supporters. We introduce clients to the city of London as quickly as possible so they can focus and be productive at work or in the classroom. And while every relocation shares similar aspects, each situation, individual and family is unique.

Our fully customizable services help to maximize the sense of belonging that reinforces to people that they’ve made the right decision to relocate. When everything feels unfamiliar and uncomfortable, we provide fast, informed solutions to the most pressing stressors and challenges, including:


How much does it cost to live in London? What can I afford?

Which neighbourhoods are right for my family and me?

To which school should I send my children?

Where can I find safe, reliable daycare?

How do I find a family doctor?

How can I get connected with my favourite hobbies and interests?

Will my partner find a job in their field?


A CityMatch experience will include aspects of the following services:

Pre-arrival planning

Spousal/Family Support

Real Estate + Housing

Orientation Services

Out of Province Transitions

Settling-in Services

Departure Services

International Transitions

VIP Services

A relocation is a time of stress and big personal change that can drain productivity and affect focus, performance and overall satisfaction at a new place. And that’s not something growing companies or leading higher education institutions can afford.


CityMatch relocation packages typically cost between $1500-$3000 CDN.
Talk with us about the personalized package that’s best for your situation.

What Our Clients Say

“I moved to London from halfway across the country and didn't have the time or knowledge of the city to comfortably secure a place to live. Jodi quickly found us (my wife and I) a place that checked off all of our boxes. We were toured around London upon arrival and she introduced my wife to a number of people to help her secure an internship. Overall a great experience – I would definitely recommend CityMatch.”

– Bradley, Halifax, NS