Jimmy & Saloni's Big Move From India To Canada

CEO Taylor Ablitt recruited Jimmy Kothari from Kolkata, India to join the London, Ontario team of Diply, one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in North America. In need of highly personalized relocation support for Jimmy and his family, Taylor turned to CityMatch for our unique and comprehensive approach.

I started working with the Kothari family in August of 2015, six months before they arrived in London. After getting acquainted and completing an in-depth discovery consultation, I helped ease their anxieties by providing them with a detailed relocation guide, and began hosting regular virtual meetings with them about their needs and concerns. This was the Kothari family’s first international move and although they were excited, they were also understandably anxious to be leaving their families and everything familiar to them for a new life in Canada.

I connected with Jimmy and Saloni regularly through Skype to help with their planning efforts. Assisting them with a cost-of-living analysis, a monthly living budget, as well as offering guidance on the housing market in London, I provided them with the information and tools they needed to help make significant life decisions comfortably. Once the family narrowed their housing search, I offered guided virtual tours of numerous rental units, allowing the family to confidently choose the perfect home that was the right fit for them.

Due to the frequent, on–going contact between CityMatch and the Kotharis during the months leading up to their arrival, I was able to establish a wonderful rapport (and friendship) with the family, which helped ease the anxieties they felt about moving halfway around the world. By being available around the clock to answer any questions they had, I was able to reassure them with the information and advice they needed to make the transition as stress-free as possible.

Saloni, Jimmy, and Reet on "The Green" in their Wortley neighbourhood, enjoying a picnic with new friends.

On Monday, February 22, Jimmy, Saloni, and Reet left the searing heat of Kolkata and arrived in the much cooler climate of London, travel-weary and a little nervous. I was waiting at their apartment to greet them with a warm hug and all the amenities they needed to feel at home once they walked through the door: groceries, furniture, internet, linens, and, of course, the heat turned up a little warmer than usual. After months of talking and planning, I felt like I was welcoming old friends to the city I love.

During the Kotharis’ first week in London, I went with them to get Social Insurance Numbers, OHIP coverage, cell phones, winter clothing, and a new stroller, as theirs was lost in transit. CityMatch delivered a thoughtful orientation to the whole family, which helped them quickly adjust to a new country with its different cultural practices.

Taylor Ablitt expressed that, as an employer, "it was important that the newest member of our team had the right resources and support to make the transition to life in Canada. CityMatch's personalized approach was incredibly vital to this process, going above and beyond the essentials to guide Jimmy and his family every step of the way." 

After just one week in London, Jimmy joined the team at Diply and was able to focus on his new position and responsibilities, knowing he had the support and dedication of CityMatch as his family continued to settle into their new home and life here in London. 


Two months later, CityMatch has continued to be on hand to help Jimmy, Saloni, and Reet transition to London life with such things as daycare registration and driving lessons. I have introduced the Kotharis to other young families in their neighbourhood, and am pleased to see them finding new friends and discovering activities in our vibrant city. The Kotharis are wonderful new neighbours, and I wish them all the best as they experience all that London – and Canada – have to offer.

Jimmy, Reet, and Saloni having a blast at the HOLI festival in London's own Victoria Park.

Services Provided by CityMatch to the Kothari Family

  • Discovery consultation and needs assessment
  • Pre-departure move guide and support
  • Location settlement coordination
  • City familiarization tour
  • Guided home search program
  • Arranging and coordinating lease agreement
  • On-call availability during the entire relocation process
  • Fully-guided support for government documentation
  • Aquiring temporary furniture and household goods
  • Assistance with utilities, internet, and cell phones
  • Daycare search support
  • Health care provider search support
  • Meet and greet service
  • Personalized concierge settling-in support
  • Assistance with banking and establishing credit
  • Aftercare program