You want your new employees to love your company and their new city. At CityMatch this is our sole focus. 

Choosing to relocate to a new city is stressful, time-consuming, a drain on productivity, and frequently filled with uncertainty for those relocating. Imagine everything you knew and relied on disappearing in an instant? This is the reality that many face when they choose to relocate.

Which neighbourhoods are right for my family and me?
How much does it cost to live in London? What can I afford?
To which school should I send my children? 
Where can I find safe, reliable daycare?
How do I find a family doctor?
How can I get connected with my favourite hobbies and interests?
Will my spouse find a job in his/her field?

Our programs will guide and compassionately support your new hires and their families throughout the relocation process – including prior to their decision to accept an employment offer. Our goals are to help your new employees and transferees establish meaningful lives and a sense of belonging in their new city. Our programs are designed to reduce the stress, anxiety, and pressures of relocation. We are their dedicated guide and advisor during all the key steps of the process. 

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