CityMatch Turns One!

They say that time flies when you’re having fun. I can attest to the truth in this saying. I can't believe that it has been one year since I launched CityMatch in the city that I love so much. It seems like it was only yesterday that I shared my dream to launch a business that would support local employers and the talented men and women who relocate to our city to live, work, and play.

One year later I want to say thanks for supporting me this journey. I have been thrilled the past year to have had the opportunity to work with some great London businesses and organizations that know that ensuring a good match and a successful settlement in the city is critical to their businesses growth and competitiveness. I continue to believe that in order for our city to continue to compete, grow and prosper, we need more amazing people who will choose to call London home from outside of Southwestern Ontario!

To celebrate the achievement and the good fortune that has been the result of a lot of hard work, I am announcing the launch of a CityMatch Express. It is a program that I hope in the next year will become a standard service offering. The first year of CityMatch gave birth to the comprehensive concierge-style settlement Embed Program. My hope is to make it easier for more new great employees to come to London. I want to be a part of helping London attract the best employees and I know I can continue to play a role in the elevation of the brand of London Ontario both inside the city and beyond. The Embed Program needs a sibling.

The Express Program is borne out of recognizing the need for inclusion in the long-term vision for this to continue to succeed and win. London boosting needs to happen not just for the most critical and hard-to-source employees, but also for essential contract positions, junior and intermediate hires and transferees and key mid-level management resources. I know that there are up-and-coming organizations that want to establish a competitive advantage in their overall hiring programs, while enhancing their employer brands. The way our city is perceived by those they are courting is important. Hence, Express!

After beta-testing the Express service to great reviews, my big wish is for other London businesses and organizations to embrace Express as part of their hiring programs. Express at its’ core is a rapid-city onboarding program that covers the essential components in our high-touch program – but with more opportunity for self-discovery. This wouldn’t be a party celebration without birthday loot! My birthday “loot” is to provide the service for $1299 + HST for clients that sign up before the end of the summer! When is the last time you had a loot bag worth $200?!

I built my business on the inherent awesomeness that is London. The city is a living breathing entity. Employers, employees and passionate city dwellers are embracing the concept of a hands-on relocation and settlement concierge for London and here I am 12 months later writing to tell about it with a smile on my face and optimism for the future by growing the service offerings that CityMatch provides. 

It makes me proud that CityMatch has established official roots in this town. And so, in addition to launching the new program, I want to create a physical manifestation of the importance of the idea of permanence and roots. So, for every individual, couple and family I helped relocate this past year, I have committed to plant a tree in the Forest City. My wish is to make this an annual CityMatch tradition as London continues to grow roots and CityMatch continues to prosper. 

Lastly, I want to say how fortunate it has been to work with some of London’s most illustrious employers as well as some of their international and strategic hires. Thank you for allowing me to support your growth and to serve the wonderful people who joined your company and our city this past year under the CityMatch wing. I am also grateful for the many friendships made with those I have supported. What a joy it has been to develop wonderful friendships that have endured while successfully landing in our great city! 

Let’s celebrate!