Earlier this summer, I was delighted to come across a cool website called Living London Ontario. It first showed up in my Twitter feed and then Facebook and I immediately checked it out. Right away it was clear we have a shared love for London and for sharing that experience with newcomers who are relocating to the city. 

The site is an exceptional guide to all that is local in the city. You will find news and events, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, services, an explore London page, and a blog that highlights local businesses. 

Austin Titus, the energizer of Living London Ontario and the curator of their social media presence, and I sat down for a quick chat about the site. 

As you might imagine we've had the opportunity to work with a number of real estate firms while relocating newcomers to the city. Some of the most effective firms that we've worked with are finding innovative ways to connect with the community and showcase experiences that can only be seen in London. The backers of the site, Price Real Estate Team, know that demonstrating to clients what London has to offer and deliver experiences unlike any other city, they are then able to connect with clients on a more meaningful level.

Their active Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds also promote events and businesses within the city. It’s all pretty simple and pretty great for small local businesses keen to get the word out in the city. 

On those hectic weeks where I just don't have the time to surf as much as I would like, I've found their newsletter a fantastic way to get caught up on local news and events, great blogs, and tips on great places to visit in the city. 

Austin's love for "connection" really resonated with me. The desire to connect personally with Londoners and the thrill when he can help make connections between the people who call London their home and the people who invest their passion in our community and their energy in our local businesses. When the city thrives, Living London Ontario thrives.