Earlier today, CityMatch Founder, Jodi Simpson stopped by the London Roundhouse to have a have a candid conversation with David Billson, President and CEO of rTraction. Jodi's interview is one of many that have taken place so far and are all part of an exciting multi-media project to talk about Branding #LdnOnt and showcase the City of London as a City of Human Innovation. Check it out and explore a few of the other interviews featuring David Ciccarelli of Voices.com, Adam Caplan and Shobhita Sharma from the Towards London podcast, Amanda Stratton from Hacker Studios, Marv DevRies from Trojan Technologies, Brennon D'Souza from Dibbzz and Arielle Kayabaga.

Talking "Branding #LdnOnt" with Jodi Simpson of CityMatch Our CEO David doing the interview!

Posted by rTraction on Thursday, 26 April 2018
From London’s agrarian roots to the founding of trust companies (and cooperatives and collaborative impact projects) to the life changing research at our area hospitals to the explosion of digital media companies in the region, there’s one common thread that links London together: Human Innovation.

In short, London comes together to make human life better. Before I go any further, I want to make an important distinction here. I’m not talking about our civic leadership or civic administration - sometimes they fit into the box, sometimes they don’t, sometimes moving us forward, sometimes backwards. I’m talking about the people who show up every day to work in London.
— David Billson, Branding #LdnOnt

Also thanks rTraction, Libro Credit Union and web.isod.es for making this happen and inviting me to share my thoughts.