CityMatch is seeking a Housing Specialist to join our small team in London, Ontario. Our relocation business is built on relationships, not transactions, so while a level of technical experience is key to the success of the role, the ideal candidate will be warm and welcoming and possess excellent customer service skills. 

This is a part-time 8 month contract position with the potential to move to full time and for the contract to be extended. 

Key responsibilities include:

  • conducting rental searches for select clients 

  • touring and documenting properties (photographs and videos) 

  • building and maintaining a database of short and long term rental properties

  • establishing relationships with property owners and managers 

  • assembling property feature sheets for clients

  • establishing relationships with people from London neighbourhoods organizations

  • updating our project management system with updates and follow ups

  • assisting to expand our network of suppliers and service providers

The ideal candidate will be:

  • professional with above average relationship skills

  • organized, detail oriented and punctual

  • personable and outgoing with outstanding customer service skills

  • proficient in written and verbal communications 

  • comfortable working independently and with a small team

  • licensed to drive in Ontario and have a vehicle in good working order

  • highly proficient with technology (smartphones, web based project management, GSuite, etc)

  • ability to work flexible hours during peak group moves

  • familiar with hidden gems in London’s unique neighbourhoods

  • well networked in the city

At CityMatch, we help the top recruits of local employers and higher education institutions make London home. As a high-touch relocation business we are proud to be growing our service offerings that are designed to help our clients transition to London and live life in all the ways that matter to them. 

CityMatch is a locally owned and operated relocation and settlement services provider that connects top talent and new recruits to London, and supports area employers and educational institutions who face intense competition for talent.

We give individuals and families moving to London a street by street introduction to their new city, and take the worry out of creating a home base that’s even better than the one they left behind. And we support students that need to land softly in London and settle-in quickly for short, intensive education experiences. 

We invite all qualified and interested applicants to apply. We’ll accept a resume, a letter, a blog, a video, a LinkedIn profile or whatever medium you feel suits your style, just drop us an email!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!
Jodi and Shawn